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In 2006 we launched with the mission of educating and inspiring people to run marathons. does this by using stories from runners to educate and motivate other runners. Whether it's reading about Bob Dolphin completing his 400th marathon, Deena Kastor winning the 2005 Chicago Marathon, or Rich Stiner completing his first marathon with his daughter, we hope there is something for everyone.


The concept for is simple. Runners submit their marathon "stories" by completing a short form -- very similar to a survey. The responses are then compiled and put into a narrative "story" format and published on our site for other people to read and learn from.

The reason we collect stories using a survey approach as opposed to an open-ended, free-form style is to enable us to sort and categorize the stories using common questions and answers. This approach allows users to find runners similar to themselves quickly and easily. For example, users are able to find stories from females who run marathons at a 10 minute pace. Although you may not always want to find runners who fit your exact profile, it can be very helpful and motivating to read about someone just like you.

Running Gear

We feel very strongly about the importance of using proper running gear. Proper running gear can help prevent injury, and it can also help enhance the overall running experience. This couldn't be any more true in the marathon because of the length of time spent running. The difference between a 100% cotton T-shirt and a T-shirt made with moisture wicking fabric may not be noticeable in a 5K, but in the marathon having the right gear could certainly make the experience more enjoyable. With the goal of an enjoyable experience in mind, the stories on feature specific running gear recommendations from the runners who have used and like that gear. We also provide a sophisticated search tool to allow you to find the running gear you're looking for quickly and easily.


To help runners find the proper running gear, we have partnered with several merchants who sell affordable, high-quality products. We do not sell any products directly. We simply provide a listing of running-related products from our partners. In exchange for sending customers to our partners, we receive a small percentage of each purchase that is made. We rely on this revenue for the ongoing maintenance and support of the web site.

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